We are so excited to announce our partnership with the incredible Powerlytics! We have joined forces to provide more granular and actionable data to banks and fintechs, so they can better support their small business and mid-market customers’ success. You can learn more about our partnership in the official press release between Railz and Powerlytics.

Read more about Railz’s partnership with Powerlytics on our blog

Mohammad Reza Nabizadeh is the Demand Generation Manager at Railz. He has been working for over 6 years in the tech industry for companies like Huawei Technologies and startups like Tutti. His focus has been on B2B demand generation, inbound marketing, and product-led growth. He is a well-rounded marketing expert, and he primarily gained experience by executing top-notch marketing techniques through all demand generation and digital marketing channels.

He is a true believer in mutual value creation and customer-first strategy, and he craves a win-win outcome in collaboration with business partners.

Learn more about Nabi’s career and our new Demand Generation Manager on our blog!

Officially announced during our Finovate demo, Railz has launched a new product feature — our very own Credit Score! On our mission to build the largest financial data network, we have released our credit score feature. The Railz Credit Score is a proprietary and brand new way to provide a credit rating to small and medium enterprises that eliminates the reliance on personal credit so businesses can get the funding they need.

Learn more about Railz’s new credit score for businesses on our blog!

Railz is excited to announce its partnership with Premier Loan Advisors!

Thanks to our exciting partnership with Premier Loan Advisors, financial institutions and their commercial customers can achieve better access borrowing opportunities by having a holistic and historic understanding of a businesses’ financials.

Learn more about Railz and Premier Loan Advisors partnership on our blog!

Railz is excited to announce its partnership with Venbridge! Thanks to our exciting partnership with Venbridge, founders can now unlock their Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credits months in advance. Together, the new, automated Growth Capital solution developed by Railz enables founders to access SR&ED financing in minutes.

Learn more about the Railz partnership with Venbridge on our blog!

How Corl automates the complicated underwriting process using the Railz API and in turn, is able to provide fast, non-dilutive funding to early stage companies who are seeking it.

Corl is a non-dilutive funding platform for startups and scale-ups. Founded in 2016, Corl is a financial technology company that finances businesses in the digital economy and shares in those businesses’ future revenue.

Read more about how Corl uses Railz for their non-dilutive startup financing solution on our blog!

Over this past weekend, we released new product features! Read details about what we’ve built below. We’re constantly adding new features to Railz based on your feedback. You can learn more about what we released in Q2 on our blog. Stay tuned for more Q3 product updates!

Summary of what’s new in the August Railz release:

  • Ability to subscribe…

Leading Web API provider to provide data and services to the next generation of decentralized applications via Airnode.

As a leading API provider, it will always be our responsibility to help strengthen and develop the API economy as much as we can. That is why Railz is proud to announce that we have officially joined the API3 Alliance as founding members — a strategic coalition of 100+ like-minded API providers committed to bringing our data and services currently offered to traditional web applications directly to the Web3 economy, without the reliance on third-party middlemen.

Learn more about Railz joining API3 Alliance as a founding member in our blog!

Railz has recently joined the Financial Data Exchange’s (FDX) consortium of members operating in the United States and Canada! FDX’s members consist of notable names in the financial data ecosystem that are dedicated to unifying the financial industry around common technical standards for financial data sharing so that consumers and businesses can leverage their own financial data to make informed financial decisions.

Read more about Railz joining the Financial Data Exchange (FDX) on our blog!


We're building the largest financial data network to empower financial institutions make sense of messy accounting data.

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